Dierengroothandel Ron van der vliet |

Since the beginning we’ve been busy providing living food to many companies.
After 15 years this is still the biggest part of our business. We’ve always bred them by ourselves, but because of the big amount of requests it was necessary for us to buy a part of it elsewhere. The living food that we buy elsewhere comes from companies we trust and where we have good contacts with so we can always provide good quality of living food.

A big amount of living food that we sell are mice and rats.
We’ve got mice in 4 sizes:

  • Baby mice (ca. 1-3 days old)
  • Fuzzy mice (ca. 5-8 days old)
  • Jumper mice (ca. 3 weeks old)
  • Adult mice (ca. 5-8 weeks old and ca. 18-25 gr.)

We’ve also got rats in 4 sizes:

  • Baby rats (ca. 1-3 days old)
  • Small rats (ca. 3 weeks old and 50-60 gr.)
  • Medium rats (ca. 5-7 weeks old and 80-120 gr.)
  • Adult rats (ca. 200 gr.)

Other living food:

  • hamsters
  • Gerbils
  • Rabiits, big and small
  • Guinea pigs
  • Multimammate mice